Menace II Society is a classic movie that depicts gang violence in LA

Menace II Society is a movie that relates to people.


Menace II Society (1993), directed by Allen Hughes and Albert Hughes, is a very good film that is filmed in South Central and Watts. The characters in this film are O-dog, played by Larenz Tate, and Caine, played by Tyrin Turner. The topic of the film is gang violence in Los Angeles. The movie is narrated by Caine and starts off in a liquor store. Caine and O-dog  are in the store buying beer and the store owners are looking at them suspiciously. O-dog doesn’t like it so he cusses them out. Then they go to pay for the beers and the store owner mentions his mom. O-dog reacts by killing the Asian man and the Asian woman that own the store. O-dog brags about killing them by showing a tape.

I give this movie a good rating 10 out of 10 because I live in South Central Los Angeles and the movie is very relatable to people who live in a dangerous neighborhood. I also like the movie because gang violence is not as harsh now as it was  back then in the movie, but it is still relatable.  Also the moving is really interesting and kind of funny. In some parts of the movie it is funny because Caine tells jokes. It held my interest so well that I could never move blink an eye while watching the movie.

I really recommend this movie to people because it is a old movie and you could really compare gang violence today in real life to the gang violence shown in the movie from 1993. Other movies that are very similar to Menace II Society are Boyz N The Hood, starring Ice Cube, Straight Outta Compton starring Ice Cube, and finally Fresh starring Sean Nelson. These movies are all gang related and action movies.