When schools reopen, students will face new requirements for covid safety


No matter where students live, when they return to schools there will be changes from the way things were before the pandemic.

One of those requirements students will have to face when they go back to school is physical distancing in classrooms. Students will have to be from 6 feet to 3 feet of distance from one another. The guidelines of the CDC advise at least “a three-foot [distance] and for students to wear masks in low transmission classrooms.” But for middle schools and high schools students, who may more easily transit the virus, the recommendation is  6 feet apart.  Teachers and staff will also have to follow the 6 feet rule.

Another requirement is that teachers, staff, and students will have to sanitize their hands before entering school buildings. Every time an object like a door handle, desk, light switch or faucets are touched by multiple people, school officials will have to disinfect and clean them  right away. This rule is very important since objects like these weren’t cleaned that often before, but now all these objects can have germs on them from multiple people touching them so they are going to have to be cleaned right away. 

Some of the supplies that CDC advises students to have are hand sanitizer (that’s at least 60% alcohol), tissues, and disinfectant supplies like alcohol wipes. Everyone in a school building will also need to wear a face mask or face shield.   

Although these protocols are still being discussed by parents and school officials, these are just some of the requirements students will have to follow if schools reopen and if parents decide to send their kids back. If parents prefer to not send their kids back to school because they want them to stay home and attend class virtually because they don’t want them risking themselves of getting covid, then they will have the option to continue attending their virtual classes in zoom or any other app or device.