What I’ve been doing during the pandemic

Things I did to distract myself during the pandemic.

When school closed for the pandemic I was surprised and wondered how we were going to do our classes. At first I was a bit confused on what time and what classes I needed to go each day, but I got used to it. Stuff that I did before the pandemic needed to change, but some stayed the same as normal. It felt weird, but I got used to it later on. While having to stay inside, I had to do stuff to get rid of my boredom. Now that the virus is still here I’ve gotten used to online school and doing things that can distract from my boredom.

My classes that I’ve been attending during the pandemic.
These are the pets I’ve been with during the pandemic. The cat’s name is Artemis and the dog’s name is Moon.
I’ve been playing the legend of Zelda on my Switch during this pandemic.
This is the show I’ve been watching during the pandemic (One Piece).
A white board so I could know what time my class is starting.
Cereal that I’ve been eating during the pandemic.
During this pandemic I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards.