History of wrestling


This is amateur wrestling.

The history of wrestling dates back 500 years ago in Ancient Greece where wrestling was popular there.  It was called Greek wrestling. A point was scored when one player touched the ground with his back, hip or shoulder, or conceding defeat due to a submission-hold or was forced out of the wrestling-area. Three points had to be scored to win the match. It is a combat sport involving taking down your opponent, grappling and more. It has also been back in prehistoric times. It is very similar to amateur wrestling.

The modern history of wrestling begins with a rise of popularity in the 19th century . It led to the development of the modern sports of Greco-Roman wrestling in Europe along with amateur and professional wrestling. Greco- Roman wrestling is classic wrestling, or French wrestling, is a style of wrestling that is practiced worldwide. Wrestling can be for everyone but you have to do is train. You have to because all those hits in wrestling hurt. So be prepared for it if you want to become a  wrestler.

The next type of wrestling is amateur like college or high school wrestling.  It involves grappling, takedowns and ground and pounds. The first period in college wrestling is three minutes, followed by two two-minute periods. In high school wrestling, all three periods are two minutes. In high school and college, matches are decided in overtime if tied in regulation. They wrestle on a mat instead of a ring.

Some professional wrestlers like Brock Lesnar got their start in amateur wrestling before he went to WWE and UFC. He is an example how you can start off before going to pro wrestling. Professional wrestling is the sports entertainment of wrestling involving the many of the same skills as amateur wrestling like takedowns and grappling, but it is planned out in advance and is scripted. But pro wrestling is not fake besides it being scripted. The hits and bumps the wrestlers take like hitting the mat or going to the top rope and going down in the ring really hurts. Pro wrestling matches fights in a ring which is a square shape which may vary in shape and size, with most measuring between 14 and 20 feet. All these types of wrestling are different but can be entertaining to watch for everyone.

In conclusion, these are the different types of wrestling. It is cool to learn about different wrestling styles and knowing there is more than one type of wrestling. There is pro and amateur wrestling. Wrestling dates back over 500 years and it is cool to see it now.

This is pro wrestling and a match between WWE superstar Ricochet and Drew McIntyre. Ricochet got hit in the face with a Claymore kick, The finishing move of Drew McIntyre.