New Marvel recommendations!


Marvel has released two new TV shows that have been a huge success to the Marvel fandom. You might wonder how they are a success and why you should watch it. The new TV series Wandavison and Falcon and the Winter Soldier were interesting and entertaining shows.

Wandavison was the show that got the most award nominations at the MTV Movie Awards. It won the awards for best show, best performance in a show, best villain, and best fight. Not only this, people liked Wandavison because it shows how Wanda was affected by the Endgame. Wanda is a Scarlet witch and has powers that were exposed to a mind stone. She was connected to her love Vison but he, later on, was killed by Thanos. After the endgame, when they won the battle against Thanos, she was heartbroken when she saw her vibranium husband torn apart by scientists. Many critics liked Wandavison due to the drama and emotions the characters portray. This show is about Wanda and how she created a reality world, causing her to kidnap a whole town. The most interesting event that happened in the TV show was the big fight between Agatha and Wanda. If you’re a big fan of Marvel, action, or drama this is a good TV series for you.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier won two MTV Movie Awards, which was the best duo and best hero. This TV show is also about how the Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) and Falcon (Sam Wilson) were affected after their best friend Captain America died. Later on, after they see John Walker become the new Captain America, Bucky and Sam team up to stop the Flag Smashers. The Flag Smashers are a group of supersoldiers (who have strong abilities) who are trying to reunite the world again like how it was in the blip. The blip was when half of the humans on Earth disappeared, many people were in grief, and the ones remaining were starting to reunite. Later, they all came back and police started to take more control, so the Flag Smashers wanted the world to be the same.

Many people liked this because you can see more about the characters and how they treasured Steve (Captain America). Not only this, but this TV show also talked about world problems like poverty, racism, and uniting the world. I would recommend this TV series to not only Marvel fans but to action fans too because this TV series has so much action.

So if you are Marvel fans or action lovers these two TV shows are for you. They can be found on Disney+ along with other Marvel movies. I enjoyed these series and hopefully you will too.