What is Anya’s Ghost about?


If you’re into ghosts then you’ve come to the right place. Anya’s Ghost is a graphic novel written by Vera Brosgol published in 2011. Vera Brosgol has published many other books but her most read book is Anya’s Ghost.

In this novel a girl named Anya meets a ghost while going out on a walk to smoke with her friend Sioban. She fell into a deep hole and found a skeleton who she then befriended. That skeleton has been down there about 90 years and has always found a way to get out of that hole when she found her opportunity to do so. Her intentions weren’t good though.

This book is really good overall. It’s really entertaining and it has very good detailing in the images. I think these two things are very important in a novel because it’s what catches people’s attention the most. This book had me very entertained and it also created suspense in some parts which I would definitely recommend people to read, 10/10. 

Through this book there were many characters and action but my personal favorite was Anya. This character was very calm and understanding no matter what was going on in her life. She definitely deserved better and my favorite part of this book was when Anya went to the party with a few people she had met throughout the story.

The theme in this book is something that people should take as a life lesson, which was that you shouldn’t always depend on others who you think are friends because people can act differently behind your back.