The future of William

In 2021, William Roque joined the SRLA team. William was proud of himself but he knew he could do better. Now months later, William did prove himself, he joined the SRLA team and upped his stamina, he found the love of his life, and made up with lost friends. William is now a team player, and helped lots of people. William, thank you, old friend.



Taylor Rodriguez: My name is Taylor Rodriguez I am 13 years old today is 9/13/21 and I’m speaking with William-.
William Roque: Roque.
TR: Roque, who is my friend, we’re recording this in Los Angeles California.
WR: Go.
TR: Tell me someone that influenced you in your life.
WR: Uhhh, that’s a hard question um I think maybe one person who’s influenced me in my life is probably my mom.
TR: Why your mom?
WR: I chose my mom because you know she’s always teaching to uhh that even if I don’t want to do something I should do it even if I want to or not like she always telling me to do chores which is like I’m not saying that’s a bad thing which I’m saying that it’s a really good thing cause teaching me how you know I could become more self-stable and when I’m older I  could do chores on my own and won’t have to rely on anyone else.
TR: Well that’s nice that’s nice tell your gran-tell your mother I said thank you and for giving me a good child ight.
WR: Okay okay.
TR: Uh can you describe one of your happiest moments in life.
WR: Uhhhhhh probably one of my happiest moments in life is when i say it’s when I came back to school from quarantine and I saw all my friends and you know like I was really happy uhh it’s it’s probably because i haven’t seen them in two plus may-close to two years and it’s been a long time you know returning to school you know? I’m always excited to come back.
TR: That’s nice thats nice and how many friends did you miss? Is it three like a whole group or is it just one singular person?
 WR: No it’s not more than one it’s more than one singular person you know? I missed a lot of people, at least maybe 15 or 20 people.   
TR: I don’t know if you can name some people?
WR: Uhhh I don’t know like my friend Kevin, my friend Jason, my friend Michael. you know my friend Dayana. [inadiable]
TR: Okay thank you thank you. So like what’s something you’re proud of something you’ve accomplished and you’re proud of? 
WR: Uhhhhh that’s a good question. Uh I’d say that something that I’m proud of is that joined SRLA. You know I’m not like officially in the team yet, we’ve barely started like a week ago you know? It’s about to be a week but uhh you know I started you know I do see myself practicing, practicing becoming better and eventually going on to run the LA Marathon.
TR: And why did you join the SRLA Team?
WR: Uhhh that’s a good question uh I joined the SRLA team because, I don’t really know man, I joined it because think it will make me happier you know having the pride of saying I finished a- an entire marathon you that’s like a good thing you probably cause I was going in trying to increase my stamina and not become tired as much cause the first day I was like tired I don’t know I was like super lazy so that’s probably why.
TR: Good luck, good luck.
WR: Thank you thank you.
TR: How would you like to be remembered? When you grow up.
WR: Uhhh I’d like to be remembered as someone who made a change in the world. You know, someone like uhh, I can’t really name anyone there’s probably people who made change in the world but it would rather be a good change you know some people have made kinda bad changes for the world. Like I don’t know, like the people who started factories, like how machines start producing things you know that did make a huge change in the world, whether it was good because you can say it started production on things faster and it can sell stuff faster you can also change to bad that uh, the production of machines and stuff like that that would start polluting the earth and global warming to this day now –
TR: So.-
WR: Day in age so I would want to be remembered to uhh to make a good change of course not a bad change. 
TR: So you would want to be remembered as someone good?
WR Yea a good person.
TR: So what do you want to do when you grow up?
WR: Uh when I want to grow up I want- before I used to say that I want to be a surgeon but now that I look at it I don’t think I’m qualified  to be a surgeon, like I just can’t imagine seeing all of that blood and stuff and having to tell or maybe someone tell, tell someone’s family you know, tell someone’s family that you know their daughter, son, grandma something had passed away and the the surgery didn’t go well. You know, that’s sad it can really change a person and uh my hands aren’t so steady, so I think that now in this day of age I want to become maybe go to law school and become related to the law.
TR: So a law school so are you good with speeches like if anything would you if you were older would you like to become let’s say a mayor of a town?
WR: You know that is a good question. Uhh, I could see myself doing that [inaudible] um I just see myself as a shy person. I don’t think I’d be very good, I mean I’m ok when I present stuff in class but I think i would be hard to become a mayor cause you’re so politically involved in a lot of major world issues. 
TR: Nice, nice okay for my last question, when is the last time you felt like you accomplished anything?
WR: Uhhhh I’m sure, actually you know I haven’t accomplished much, like I can’t say like I don’t know, like like umm like I solved world peace or something I can’t say something like that uhh I have to think back to that uhh I say one the good things I’ve accomplished recently is uhhh I’ve made bonds with some of my old friends and I’ve cleared up bad air with some of my old friends so I know I’ve reached joy to people now basically. 
TR; And can you name some of those names or is that personal?
WR: I’d rather not ye it’s personal so I’d rather not. 
TR: Alr well thank you William, thank you for your time.