Mental health in America

Are mental health challenges one of the biggest problems facing America?


This photo represents the mind of a person struggling with mental health challenges.

What is mental health?

Mental health is social well-being and how we think, feel, and act. It could also be our emotions in situations like when you cry its your brain feeling the situation and acting by making you cry.


We all are facing Mental health challenges right now

Mental health challenges is an issue people are facing in America right now, largely due to Covid-19 keeping us isolated and making our morale going down. School shootings are also one of the main problems as well.  Since these problems are the ones causing people to be sad and hopeless, it changes and affects everyone since people don’t like to hear the bad news yet they always ask for the good news.

Studies have also shown 1 in 5 American adults experience mental illness each year and it was also said 1 in 6 children also experience mental illness. All of this happens because of the traumatic events happening to them, which can lead to some people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (or PTSD). Now I will show signs to see if the person is okay or really not?


Signs of a mental health problem

  • Withdrawing or staying away more from family and friends 
  • Avoid or stop doing their daily activities they would normally enjoy
  • Sleeping too much or barely at all
  • Eating to much or a little 
  • Being hopeless
  • Always being confused

You may be asking yourself is there even a way to cope or get help for this? The answer is yes, you can get help by talking to a psychiatrist or you can also do self help by changing your diet to a well more balanced one and get more sleep to help solve mental health problems, as stated by Medical News Today.


Positive effects of strong mental health


But, there can be positive effects to having good mental health. For example,. it can help you realize your potential in doing things as well as help you cope from past situations like sexual harassment or assault. Also, it can help you achieve inner peace and have increased self-esteem. Good mental health can also help you control your emotions and won’t let them go out of control or emotions get to you.

So, if you keep your mental health stable you can stay healthy and not develop depression.

Finally, Once again just remember to keep your head up and stay positive!