Gang violence is increasing

Problems and Solutions


Gang violence is an important problem that demands a solution.  I say this because of all the problems they are causing. One example is graffiti (or tagging). You can find tagging basically everywhere and we need a solution for it. Another example is shooting – all the shootings that have been going on and have recently happened and many people have not been getting caught, this is something that we need to solve.  Also drug trafficking has become a big problem that also involves shootings and people dying. We can solve this by adding stricter laws in our country. 

Tagging (graffiti) is a big problem that needs to be solved. Gangs are tagging up all the big buildings and streets they could find to ‘claim’ that territory. Neighbors are noticing that there are certain places that these gangs are targeting. ABC7 news reported, “Gang members going around South Los Angeles and tagging buildings is becoming a major problem… Angry residents living near Vernon and McKinley Avenues, many of whom were too afraid to go on camera, said the graffiti is a growing concern as residential buildings, commercial structures and public schools are all being targeted.” CBS News also shows us how graffiti has been rising. They state, “The state and its cities experienced a rapid rise in graffiti during the pandemic shutdown, perhaps because of cutbacks to law enforcement agencies that were stripped of their resources to write citations.” This shows us that the neighborhood has been noticing a recent rise in graffiti in their neighborhoods. 

Shooting is another big problem that needs to be addressed. NBC5 news states, “According to the Dallas Police Department, officers responded to three separate shootings across the Dallas area on Tuesday night.” This shows us how shootings are now becoming ‘common’ if there could be three separate shootings on the same night. CBS News also showed that “Six teenagers were wounded Monday in a shooting near a high school in Colorado, authorities said. Aurora police said there are likely multiple suspects responsible for the shooting, all of whom remain on the loose.” This shows us why we need to find a solution to shootings, people who are getting tramas at a really young age that they will have to deal with for the rest of their life. 

Drug trafficking is something else that we need to put a limit on. On ABC7 News stated, “According to an update issued to ABC News by a U.S. official briefed on the incident, 10 to 11 cartel members shot two suspected drug dealers on the beach outside of the Azul Beach Resort and the Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun.” This shows us that these people are making big drug deals, illegally, that lead to more people buying these products. CBS News said, about a rise in crime in Ecuador, that The Litoral is designed for 5,000 inmates but currently holds more than 8,500. The arrested leaders of Ecuador’s main drug trafficking gangs are held there.” This is showing us how jails are getting overcrowded with drug gang leaders that have been caught. It shows us the amount of people they have caught, which is a little fraction of the people compared to everyone who is actually in this gang.

In conclusion, gang violence is something that needs to be solved. One way this can be solved is by adding more laws and having more cameras in public spaces. Although, some people may think we should just let them be and let them do what they’re doing because it’s been going on for years and is just easier that way, in reality it just makes our communities weaker and trashier.