Ms. Alamilla leaving Animo Jefferson

Jacqueline Alamilla has been a teacher at Animo Jefferson for eight years. She is leaving the school at the end of this year because she is moving to New Jersey to live with her boyfriend of two years. Alamilla has been a leader of the student council for six years and she has taught science in every grade since she’s been here. 

Alamilla said, “I am a little sad to leave and go somewhere else, like I’m just a big mixture of emotions because I am used to this school and like the students here and the teachers here and then New Jersey is going to be a completely different environment so it makes me kind of sad to work somewhere else.”

Alamilla is going through a hard time with leaving because she has good memories of Animo Jefferson with the teachers, staff, and students here, but she also wants to take a step forward in her relationship.

Alamilla’s students are really sad that she’s leaving. 

Alison Oscal, a student council member, says, “I feel sad I guess because she’s a good and fun teacher. I am going to miss her because we’ve made a lot of memories together and one of my favorite memories is when I brought a pig plush and Ms. Alamilla told me “I have a rule in my class, that anything that’s a pig I get to keep because I love pigs.” 

Libne Moran, one of Alamilla’s eighth grade students, said, “ I feel sad that she’s leaving but since it’s also my last year I don’t really mind, though I will still miss her a lot because she’s a cool teacher.”

I’m sad about her leaving because if I come visit I won’t be able to see her. Though I am happy for her because she is able to take a step forward in her relationship and move on from working at Animo Jefferson.