Starting your own business during COVID-19


During Covid, many businesses were forced to close down. Many people were unemployed, one of them being Claudia Lopez. She needed a job to help her support her family. That’s when she decided to start her own business.

Claudia used to work at a salon. However since Covid hit, she lost her job and decided to start her own business to bring income to her family.




Stephanie Lopez: Why did you start your business?


Claudia Lopez: I started my business because If I didn’t work I wouldn’t get paid.


SL: When did you start your business?


CL: I started my business during Covid in 2020.


SL: What was it like starting your business during covid?


CL: It was hard because my clients would cancel because they got covid and couldn’t go so it would mess up my schedule. 


SL: What challenges did you face?


CL: A challenge I faced was separating business with personal.


SL: Are you still facing that challenge?


CL: Nope, because now that it is a few years later I have gotten used to it. 


SL: Worst investment to your business?


CL: The worst investment was buying unnecessary stuff.


SL: Like what?


CL: Furniture and supplies.


SL: Best investment to your business?


CL: One of my best investment was buying polishes.


SL: Do you regret starting your business?


CL: I do not regret starting my own business because its something I wanted to do for a while but now I have this opportunity to do it and it was the best decision.


SL: If you were to change anything what would you change?


CL: If I were to change anything I would change the location.


SL: How are you able to manage both your business and life?


CL: Well obviously they are two different things but I have time for both work and my life out of work.