Graffiti around the city

Graffit around the city

Graffiti often can be considered vandalism to some citizens. However, other citizens might see it as street-art. Graffiti can be viewed in letters or in images. You can find graffiti all over Los Angeles. You can find graffiti on billboards, huge walls in downtown, and you can even find it on highways. Also you can find Toy Graffiti. According to “Toy – Graffiti | Fandom” the meaning behind Toy is for the newcomers of art and that their graffiti isn’t that really good. 

There are so many well known graffiti artists in LA-Chaka, Hopes Shie, Chaz Bojorquez and many others. You can find street art all over Los Angeles. Many people do street art to get recognition for their work. Graffiti can be unique in many different ways. According to “Graffiti Art: What Is Graffiti? Is Graffiti Art? – Eden Gallery,” People usually do graffiti to tell a story or show their culture, politics, and society. Another reason why people  do street art is to send a message. Graffiti artists do graffiti to express themselves. Some might do art about one of their loved ones that have passed away. They might even do it to show support about something.”

 There are so many meanings behind graffiti. According to “Why Graffiti Is A Crime? –”Certain people do it to mark their territory. Gangs mainly do this to warn others not to come near them and there are connections between graffiti and criminal activity. Graffiti writers and gang members co-exist on the same level.”

Here are some other negative sides about graffiti. Graffiti is illegal in some states. If you get caught doing it you could serve time.  Graffiti might not be the best thing to do. Unless you have permission from the owner of the property. It’s both a positive and negative thing to do. Some mostly even to relieve boredom and stress and get recognition for their artistic talents. And others might do it for illegal reasons. The point is that graffiti is either a good thing or a bad thing.Street art isn’t going anywhere anytime soon whether you like it or not.