Why is music important?

Music is important and a universal thing people enjoy.

Character listening to music happily.

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Character listening to music happily.

Have you ever found yourself upset about something and wanting to release your feelings? Music is a great way to do so. Music has been around for a long time, but have we really thought about how important it is?

Music is helpful in many ways. Sometimes we don’t realize how much importance music has and how much we have around us. 

Music has been important for about 35,000 years helping us in many ways, from helping our learning to helping us get things done to bringing us people together and many more other ways. Also music is just a universal thing people love and enjoy.

According to 9 Health Benefits of Music” by NorthShore University Health System, research has shown that music is actually really beneficial to your health, music helps your blood flow easier, relieves feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, and it helps patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia to relax and many other ways.

Additionally, according to “Why is music important” by Matt, music helps us enjoy tasks more because it makes us feel like time is going faster and we’re not doing that task for long. “For example, if I’m ironing, then listening to music is a great way of making it feel like less time has passed because my mind isn’t focused solely upon what’s happening in front of me,” says the article.                                                                                                        

Eighth grade AJMS student Mely Melendez says, “music has helped me when I’m sad and it’s fun to listen to on a long drive.” This demonstrates that music is a great way to make things more enjoyable and reduces the feeling of time feeling long.

I personally love music and how we can enjoy it for different reasons like focusing or getting something done, like as I’m writing this or to just enjoy, and I really like how it can bring people together. For example, people come together to enjoy music and artists they like at concerts.

AJMS teacher Ruben Balbastro is someone who enjoys and listens to music a lot. “Everyone is passionate about something. I like to play it as much as I can because I enjoy it,” says Balbastro. 

There’s a lot of music all around us even if we don’t realize it, always impacting us in our everyday lives with our activities or feelings. However, we need to appreciate it more because it helps us in many different ways and is a universal thing people enjoy and love.