Joy is my brother


Joy can mean many things to someone, for example, music, dancing, sports, etc, but for me, joy means my brother. The person I look up to the most, the person I’m so proud of and extremely grateful for.

My brother taught me valuable lessons, even if we’re a year apart, he’s more mature than I am, I can never be serious when it comes to anything.

My brother makes me smile and laugh. We’ve always been together when things weren’t okay. When both my Grandparents passed away it was hard for us, but we were able to overcome it together. My brother is there when I need him and I’m there when he needs me. 

My brother is my #1. He’s like my best friend. I love him very much. I always think what I’d be doing if he wasn’t here with me, I’d probably be bored or really just overwhelmed.

I’ve gotten used to him annoying me to do my chores or really just anything  in general. I always say to myself “enjoy the little moments” because we never know what tomorrow can bring.

I love when we listen to music together, I love having long talks even when I can’t take it seriously, I love hugging him and I enjoy everything we do together, I’m forever thankful for having an older brother, he means so much to me I’d go crazy if anything were to happen to him, I love him to death. 

At the end of the day he makes me feel safe, loved,and to the point where I know he is my safe place. I hope he feels the same amount of love and joy I have for him. To my only brother that I have, thank you for being my joy. 

For the one and only, 

My brother,