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Upcoming field trips for 8th and 7th graders

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On February 2014, 8th graders will be attending a field trip to a production of , “The Outsiders”. Teresa Argueta ,the teacher in charge of planning the trip, said, “I am done planning for the trip and we just need the children to behave to be able to go to the trip.”

 At the trip students will be able to watch a real play about the book the they have already read in the past couple of weeks, which is the novel “The Outsiders”.

 Mrs. Argueta said she has had experienced it before ,but with a different play, the play was about Anne Frank and with a different  group of students, the students that went were last year’s eighth graders that are now ninth graders.

20141210_112224 (1)

Two English teachers are reading the book,  “The Outsiders”

On March or April 2015,  the 7th graders will be going on a field trip to Medieval Times.

 Elizabeth Borum, the teacher planning for this field trip, is still talking to the Medieval Time workers. Ms. Borum is still finding a way to make the students payments and talk to students.

 When the students get there they will be able to eat and watch a show while learning what it was like in the past.

 Jose Torres, an eighth grader that went to Medieval Time last year,  said,” It was fun because I got to hang out with my friends and teachers out of school.”

The 7th graders this year will have the same experiences that the 7th graders had  last year. Also,the experiences that Ms.Borum has had are when she went as a child and went with the 7th graders from last year.


These are some students that went to the Medieval Time field trip last year.


This is another picture of students who went to the Medieval field trip last year.

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Upcoming field trips for 8th and 7th graders