Visitors from Tacoma

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On November 12, visitors came to visit Animo Jefferson all the way from Tacoma, Washington to see how our school functions.

People from the community took their time to come to our school and overall, they really liked our school. Ambra, a community member, said, “I like this school because the students are prepared, enthused, and make progress.” The students briefly explained how they feel about the school and what they think on their perspective.

A retired principal from the Tacoma community said, “I like how the function works. The students are great and very smart. The students seem welcomed and they look like they actually want to come to school.”

The visitors from Tacoma liked the school because the students were talking with a proud voice. Six grader Luis, Vargas was one of the students talking to the visitors he said, “I felt really nervous speaking to a crowd, I didn’t know I was going to speak in front of the visitors. ”

Genny Cadena the future principal for the new school in Tacoma, noticed and said, “They could tell that everyone genuinely cared about each other and that the number one goal was to make sure that the students had a great educational experience.”

The visitors thought deep about everything the students said and will use the students thoughts on the new school in Tacoma.


Here are the visitors from Tacoma.

Credit for helping with the interview questions: Maggie Carmona

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Visitors from Tacoma