“[Coming to America] was hard.”


This is my Dad. This picture was taken when we first got our house.

I interviewed my dad. We talked about some random topics like what his favorite sport was and where he is from.

When I asked my dad where he was from, he answered “Puebla Mexico” Then I asked him if he ever wanted to go back and he said yes because he wanted to visit his mom’s grave. I also asked him what he missed about Mexico and he said the fairs.

Then we talked about what his favorite sport was he said basketball. I asked him why is this your favorite sport he said because I used to play it in high school.

Another question I asked my dad, was if he ever got lost when he first came here and he said yes but luckily I had your uncle to help me. The reason I asked him this question was because he was an immigrant as you already know.

The last question I asked him was did you feel nervous before the interview he said yes and I asked why and he said because I was never interviewed by you or you sister I said oh then I said how do you feel now he said he said better because I talked about my past.  




Eric Arenas:  What is your favorite sport?


Dad: My favorite sport is basketball.


Why is this your favorite sport?


Dad: This is my favorite sport because I used to play it in high school.


EA:  Where are you from? 


Dad: I am from Mexico.


And what part?


Dad: Puebla.


EA: Would you ever want to go back to Mexico?


Dad: Yes I would want to visit my mom’s grave. 


EA:Do you miss Mexico?


Dad: Yes.


 What do you miss about it?


Dad: I miss the fairs. 


EA: What do you remember about your house as a kid.


Dad: I don’t remember anything.


EA: Was it hard for you when you first came to America? 


Dad: It was hard. 


EA: What were some struggles you faced? 


Dad: I got lost sometimes but your uncle helped me


EA: Were you nervous before the interview? 


Dad: Yes because I was never interviewed by you or your sister.


EA: How do you feel now?


Dad: I feel a lot better because I was talking about my past.