¨Umm it got to this extreme and he instead of warning his citizens he decided to downplay the virus, which has lead to this several months of being in quarantine.”

       Hanny was a high school senior which led her to not have a senior year because of Covid-19 and other problems. She still thinks she won’t have a senior year. 

       The first topic was about how the environment is being affected, she answered with all her knowledge and gave me a good explanation. We ended up talking about it for a few minutes.

       Soon we switched to Covid and talked about school and how it had affected her. She had wished that she could have had all her fun senior year, but she knew she wanted to help in not spreading Covid. 

       We were starting to talk about the wildfires and how it has affected lots of people and their homes when we started to talk about when we went to talk about immigration and other things. 

       We talked about it for a little while more than we said our goodbyes and ended it. 


Ederson Herrera: I’m Ederson Herrera and i’m from investigations period 6 and my first question is what do you about what is happening in the environment?
Hanny Herrera: I think that the things that are happening in the environment are concer…. concerning because it shows how humans have not put the right action and important into being able to solve the increasing climate changes.
EH: And what are some things you wish aren’t happening?
HH: Some things that I wish aren’t happening are the fires that are happening in California and Oregon, which this shows how the whole world is warming up from the ocean to..to Antarctic.
EH:  And if you could do something to help what would you do?
HH: If I could do something to help I would…..protest umm companies and corporations that are constantly burning fossil fuels because those fossil fuels that are being burnt are being placed into the environment which accelerates damage.
EH: Do you worry the people who (inaudible) have lost their lost their lives in the wildfires.
HH: I do worry because this, they were just innocent people whose lives were affected because the world doesn’t care and I also worry about the first responder workers, like the fire fire fi fighters who have placed their life in danger in order to stop the fire.
EH: Okay now I’m going to ask you something about Covid-19. What. How has Covid-19 affected you?
HH: Umm personally i’ve been fortunate enough to not be able to get the Covid or any of my close family, but it has a small impact because this is my last year of high school and I would have liked to enjoy it in physical school, but I under I also understand that in order to this disease to slow down and hopefully go away we have to stay home.
EH: Okay, so how would you like to help if you had a chance to help?
HH: If I would be able to help I would like to support and volunteer organizations that are giving away food and hygiene supplies for families in need especially those in low income communities were most likely their parents lost their jobs.
EH: Do you think the actions the government is taking correct?
HH: I do not think the actions that the government is taking because recently it has been shown that president trump knew about the Covid-19 way earlier. Umm it got to this extreme and he instead of warning his citizens he decided to downplay the virus, which has lead to this several months of being in quarantine. I also don’t believe in how he wants to open up the country just because the economy is being harmed. I feel like he should place more importance into the health of the citizens and into the economy. And also with I heard that they were planning to force the vaccines on people which I understand that you wanna they wanna make the virus go away, but the same time a vaccine at this time is way to earlier as there has to be several testing before it could officially send out to people. I also wish whether it was true that president Trump fired the pandemic response unit or not. I wish that the government would place more support on that because it would have been a great help from the begging of the pandemic and maybe it wouldn’t have gone this far if we had an official pandemic response unit.
EH: My next question is what are some things you have done to not spread Covid-19?
HH: The main thing I have done to not spread Covid-19 is stay in home all day and when I do go out of my home which is rarely for like groceries or some errands I always wear a mask my mask. I keep my distance from people and when I get back to my car I am constantly putting on hand sanitizer.
 EH: If you had a chance would you back to school?
HH: This is a hard question because yes I would love to go back to school and see my friends and teachers, but umm I would say no because the cases are still increasing especially in California and since my school is small  it would be very easy for a lot of people to get umm affected the virus, so I would say I would not and I would rather wait it out.
EH: Moving on to a different topic. What do you think about black lives matter?
HH: I think black lives matter is a very important topic that needs to have more awareness even though it sucks that its taken so many years for people to finally support and stand up for African Americans. African Americans have been discriminated from the beginning of the American nation and hopefully because of this movement more African Americans will be supported and will be treated equally like the rest of the people in the United States and everywhere.
EH: Have you done something to help black lives matter?
HH: Umm, Ì wish I could’ve done more, but by going to protest and donating, but I was not able to. The thing I have been able to is sign petitions and  repost about certain African Americans who have been discriminated to spread more awareness.
EH: I know its black lives matter, but don’t all lives matter?
HH: They do all matter its just the thing is that African Americans at this moment need more attention because there the ones who are being the most affected with. Not even discrimination, but being affected with Covid and jobs. There one of the races that are considered the most likely to be infected and most likely to have the worst symptoms because they don’t have the same resources because the government doesn’t put as much value as they do to others and it’s just that they need the most help because people don’t consider them as equal as themselves.
EH: And if you could help, what would you do?
HH: Like I said before I have helped by signing petitions and reposting post about African Americans who were affected by either police brutality or the injustice of the law.
EH: What is another world problem you would like to talk about?
HH: What? Another world problem that I think is important to put some awareness is the people who are being held in ice detentions. They don’t know what the injustice has happening to them because they don’t speak English and some women are even being sterilized. The place is not, the place itself where there being detained is not the best since they are constantly cleaning with a chemical that’s dangerous enough for them to kill.
EH: Why do you think this is important?
HH: I think this is important because just like us or any other U.S. citizen `their human and shouldn’t be treated like animals and being held into cages. These are children and families are searching for a better life in the U.S. because they couldn’t afford that in their own countries their probably coming from poverty or even the danger of their own country.
EH: If you could help what would you do?
HH: If I could help I would at least try to get them in a better place were their not, they don’t have to stay in  cages or like were they could have better food and place to sleep and then I also wanna help with I would like to help with the immigration law not to be so harsh on undocumented people because yeah they’re just humans like you and me.
EH: What do you think are some struggles for immigrants
HH: Other than the fact that their being held the documents that are already here, they struggle with especially students. I believe that they’re scared the most because thereś a fear of going to college or not being able to pay college because some scholarships don’t accept undocumented. Others struggle with the fear of being deported.
EH: Thank you for letting me interview you!