Is Math getting Difficult ?

Jose Torres, Carmen Ponce, and Anthony Torres

May 1, 2015

Students believe that math is getting harder over the course of the year. Is math really getting difficult ? Thomas Lo, a math teacher at Animo Jefferson said,  “There is a big difference in 7th and 8th grade math because...

Are interesting themes in lessons a good idea?

Brenda Bogran and Kenny Ramirez

February 19, 2015

Do students tend to pay more attention to lessons when there is a theme (Superheroes, Music, Cartoons, Sports, and etc) they like? Teachers from Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School have given us their opinion on whether that’s...

Meet the Student Teachers at Animo Jefferson Middle School

Jose Contreras and Jose Torres

February 19, 2015

At Animo Jefferson, student teachers have been coming to our classrooms to help them see how schools function and finish.  A student teacher, Selena Leos, has been in English teacher, Teresa Argueta’s classroom helping the students learn and herself  too. One of her objectives of this school...

Teacher made tests turn into Green Dot tests school wide

Jose Contreras and Jose Torres Vasquez

December 18, 2014

Final exams have changed since last year from teacher made tests to Green Dot tests school-wide.  Thomas Lo, a Math teacher at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, said,  "Last year common assessments were primarily provided through MATHia software and were very confusing for students. This year co...

New math standards given to students

Jose Torres and Jose Contreras

December 9, 2014

Standards have challenged most students in math but states have adopted Common Core. There has been some changes such as Carnegie Learning. Anita Tovmasyan, a math teacher at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, says that it is m...