NASA is thinking of tracking all asteroids

Maggie Carmona and Alejandra Castillo

May 27, 2014

NASA is thinking of tracking and detecting incoming asteroids in order to make sure Earth is protected. Seventh grader Ariana Flores said, "Obviously yes because they could know if the Earth is in danger or not. If they know...

Tips for test taking

Jesenia Gonzalez and Ayla Martinez

April 8, 2014

April 7 to April 11 will be the last days of instruction before spring break at Animo Jefferson Middle School. This means that final assignments will be assigned to students. According to Gabriela Cervantes, AJCMS couns...

WASC comes to AJCMS

Ayla Martinez and Jesenia Gonzalez

April 7, 2014

  On April 4, visitors from W.A.S.C. (Western Association of  Schools and Colleges ) came to Animo Jefferson Middle School to check for school accreditation. The visitors, Marla Hart, a site director at  Springs Charter ...

Who won who lost the greendot awards?

Maggie Carmona and Alejandra Castillo

April 2, 2014

On March 15, Carl Finer, Gabriela Dampier, Gabriela Cervantes, and Andrew Figueroa were finalists at Skirball Cultural Center of Los Angeles. "I felt very honored to be nominated and I thank Ms. Foulkes for acknowledgin...

Intervention Topics

Susy Avila, Naibe Arreola, and Jesus Villarreal

March 28, 2014

Students are put in intervention classes for two weeks when they need extra help on a specific school topic. The topic for six graders was graphing skills and the topic for the eight graders was graphing velocity. Sixth grader,...