AJCMS staff share their tattoos

Katherine Cooke's tattoo

Rubi Pascual, Wendy Beltran, and Maribel Vasquez

June 7, 2019

Volleyball tournament: the fear and pressure…

Carlos Castillo

June 7, 2019

On April 24, the arc volleyball team which consists of Litzy Ibanez, Adrian Garcia, Alexander Jacobo, and Carlos Castillo had a game. This was their first game they had a few months of practice but other than that they were n...

What is it like to be both a teacher and parent?

Edwin Carvente, staff writer

June 4, 2018

How does it feel to be a teacher and parent?   Have you ever wondered of what it would be like to have kids of your own and, also work with kids all day as a teacher. Being a teacher and teaching a bunch kids what t...

School Lockdown

Alondra García, Managing Editor

May 27, 2018

    On Tuesday, May 22nd, there was a lockdown during lunchtime at AJCMS. A helicopter kept going around the school a couple times which meant that students needed to go inside school and continue the lockdown procedures. Security hurried the students from lunch to class. Students tried to...

Teachers Travel During Spring Break

Steven Hernandez and Kevin Bermudez

May 27, 2018

Spring Break mostly consisted of excitement and adventure for teachers like Carl Finer and Ilse Gonzalez. While students waited anxiously for Spring Break to come, now that it’s over students are back to the same routine of...

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