“She told me if your head’s not in it, don’t do it”

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Hayley Nungaray

December 18, 2019

 Ms. Maria, a current ARC staff member at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School supervising the 8th grade students, talks about her career journey so far.  We discover the many negatives and positives she must face in her career. Not only that but a main goal or dream that she strives to achieve.  ...

“As a kid, sometimes I had to take care of animals in the rain because they had to eat. I also had to ride horses that were barely growing.”

Michael Vargas

December 17, 2019

Misael who was a child always used to have fun and play around with other kids that were the same age. Misael had to find his way around everywhere because his parents were hardworking and wanted him to succeed in the future. As a kid, he enjoyed going to school and being able to get home and say, “W...

This is why I love my Mom

My mom and I in this picture I took randomly

Karina Garduno

December 16, 2019

In Mexico, Rebeca was living with her parents until she got together with her husband. She had a child and along with her husband, they decided to go to the U.S so they can have a better life and job because of crisis in Mexico. Then she had two other girls and so she continued her life here in LA and...

“When people make fun of them, I just think you guys do not know the struggles we have to go through with having special needs kids.”

Brenda Valerio graduating from middle school.

Lesly Valerio

November 10, 2019

In 2017, Brenda left LA to go live in Bakersfield. Along with her, she took many memories and the good and bad times she had spent with her family and relatives in LA. Growing up, Brenda had always stayed indoors since her parents couldn't take her out. The reason for this was she has some special n...

“That’s when his father started to noticed his son had a hard shot.”

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Jesse Sandoval

November 9, 2019

In 2010, Jesse Sandoval would pick up a ball and kick it at a wall. He was only four years of age. At that time no one would notice a little boy with talent.   Jesse started to dribble then shoot. That’s when his father started to notice his son had a hard shot. His dad kept training with h...

“Well when I was a little kid they gave me a soccer shirt.”

My mom wanted a picture because it was a nice setting so we took the picture.

Kevin Flores

October 31, 2019

My dad has loved soccer since a young age. He loved soccer because his friend's dad gave him a soccer shirt. The shirt his friend's dad gave him was a Club America shirt. Since then he has always loved the team America. As he was getting older he continued liking soccer. He played on a soccer team in...

“When we were growing up I was always taking care of her and I taught her how to write her name and how to tie her shoes.”

Evelyn R. Francisco

October 31, 2019

      Ms. Cooke was influenced by multiple things like people and books. Ms. Cooke tells a part of life when was influenced by many people in her life. Some examples were her family such as her sister, mother and father. She even mentions her teacher from high school who was strict but help...

”The happiest moment of my life would probably be when my son was born. It was something that I experienced that I hope I remember forever.”

Yesenia Juan and me

Alexis Juan

October 23, 2019

Yesenia Juan is a 20 year old working mother who shares her life stories and opinions on the world. She talks about her religion, her experience with having a child, and lots more things that take us to the past, and set ourselves for her future as a mother. Here are her stories.   Alexis Ju...

¨Never give up even though you are going though some hard times.¨

Celia Diaz is a teacher where at her school they donated laptops to.

Aylin Gutierrez

October 16, 2019

When Celia Diaz was young she had to choose to leave her grandmother. She had to leave her grandmother. She had to cross the border. She had to face some real tough time in learning, had to work harder than others. Many people looked down on her and thought that she wasn’t going to make it in coll...