How is wine made?

As history goes on, there is one thing that people don’t realize or even think about: How was wine made? In a website called “,” author Sue Lynn Moses says that “Basically, they believe that the discovery of wine was made by ancient peoples when they found their grapes had spoiled and fermented, creating fermented grape juice. Many believe that this is when the wine-making process was invented, and this is where most stories about the origins of wine begin. First, some historical and archaeological facts before delving into myth and fables.” So if we actually think about it, nobody really knows how wine was first invented.

Around 3000-2000 BC, wine was first recognized in Mesopotamia and Egypt then, traded throughout the world. In the website called “” it says that “Wine can ferment using the natural sugars in grapes and, especially, dates, but beer requires sprouting (malting) to produce enough sugar for fermentation.” So wine gets it’s flavor from the grapes. The more longer the water stays with the grapes, the more value it is.

In the beginning of making wine people would use their feet to squish the grapes so it’s juice could be used for the wine. Now people have tools and factories to make it. Some people can also invest in wine: they keep it in storage for 100 years or more and then the value of a bottle can reach up to $18,000-$20,000. Other fruits and berries can be used for wine as well such as strawberries, watermelons, peaches, pears, and grapefruits.

According to Google, the best country that has the best taste in wine is Italy. This is because since Italy has the best sunlight and weather for grapes to grow. The grapes produces good sugar which then gets moved to the liquid and that is where wine taste the best. As well, Italy has most of the oldest wines so that is another reason why Italy has the best wines.

Wine has still never lost it’s fame. Wine can be used in food for flavor, special occasions, and goes with everything. Wines can also be made with alcohol or no alcohol.  Finally wine has been used for medications as well for wounds as to a cure for diarrhea. With these facts and information of wine of how it’s made and stuff, wine can be one of the oldest traditions still a part of life right now.