The ongoing effects of the civil war in Syria


Residences in Syria getting bombed

Palestine. Does that region’s name sound familiar to you among the recent worldwide news?  Like Palestine, Syria- an Islamic country, has been one of the many Islamic places that have been mired in recent violence. It hasn’t been too long since Syria has last gotten bombarded.

According to BBC Newsround, there has actually been a civil war in Syria for the last eight years. This article explains that before all of the conflicts during the Syrian civil war, there were already different types of complaints that came from Syrian people. People protested because there was high unemployment. At the same time, there was a lack of political freedom coming from President Bashar al-Assad (even before the Syrian Civil War).

There were three groups mentioned in this article who are fighting against each other.  They were either soldiers who supported the President, people that didn’t agree with Bashar al-Assad being in power, and lastly a group called Islamic State (IS). The civil war mainly occurred because there were people that were trying to get a hold on and control of the Syrian country. The different conflicts explains why there was a multi-sided civil war in Syria. 

An article that explains in depth some of the outcomes of the civil war in Syria discloses that violence affects the whole population of Syria. Many people lose their homes due to the attacks, but others decide to move out because of the risk they would put themselves into if they stay near targeted locations. This is the reason as to why there are Syrian refugees. These refugees move from their homes in areas threatened by attacks and violence, looking for help and necessary resources, and they make their way to refugee camps. These refugee camps are unresourced and crowded because of just how many people are seeking refuge. 

In conclusion, the violence of the civil war in Syria, along with continuing terrorist attacks, have been happening for many different reasons. The violence and terrorism is happening as people fight for extremist, political and religious views. During attacks, places collapse, people lose their relatives, and there is a massive amount of harm in Syria’s reputation when attacks are made. These causes and effects are just a portion of them.