Top 3 most streamed songs on Spotify in May 2022


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This is the app Spotify. It is used to listen to music. I use it when I am working on a project or when I am bored and have nothing to do.

Having trouble deciding what to listen to? Well, here are the top three most streamed songs on Spotify right now. 

So, what is Spotify? If you didn’t know or have been living under a rock, Spotify is a digital music app that allows you to listen to music and podcasts on your phone, laptop, or tablet for free. It also allows you to create playlists that can be shared among other people. I would download this app to listen to music and share your playlist with others and to just listen to music that you like. So let’s get started these were the three most streamed songs in May 2022.


3. As it Was – Harry Styles 

To start off this list, at number three is “As it Was” by Harry Styles. This song was released this year on April 1 as the lead single from his new album, “Harry’s House”. This song’s genre is synth pop and it has around 11.42 million streams, as shown in this graph at statista. It has reached the top on UK single charts in its first month of being released. I’m sure this song will attract some people and I’m sure some people already listen to this and like this song. People who like songs that are easy to sing along would really like this because it is really catchy. Even though it is only the third most streamed, it still has only been released for one month,  so it still has time to climb the charts. Overall, this song is a good one to start off the list.


2. Moscow Mule – Bad Bunny

At number two we’ve got “Moscow Mule ” by Bad Bunny. This song is the lead single of his fourth studio album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” which translates to “a summer without you.” This song’s genre is reggaeton. The song has reached number one on Mexico’s Billboard chart, which ranks songs based on digital sales and online streaming; Bad Bunny’s ‘Moscow Mule’ Lyrics Translated Into English. It also is ranked in many other countries such as Chile, Ecuador, and Peru, where this song reached #1. In addition, this song had 11.59 million streams on Spotify,  as shown in this graph: statista. So, overall this song is very good and if you liked his previous album, “Las que no iban a salir,” you will also like Moscow Mule


1. First Class – Jack Harlow

So, if those two songs aren’t the most streamed video on Spotify, then what is? Well, the most streamed song is “First Class” by Jack Harlow. This song was released April 8, and the genre is hip hop. This song was number one on the Billboard Global 200, which ranks songs based on digital sales and online streaming; Jack Harlow’s ‘First Class’ Lyrics – Billboard. This is his second single from his second album. This song has around 11.94 million streams for its first months of being released and to be honest this song is one of my favorites. If you like hip hop, this song will be a good choice to listen to and enjoy.


So in conclusion, these are the most streamed songs right now. You should definitely check them out!