Ways to get better sleep


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Girl having trouble sleeping.

If you want to get better sleep, here are some ways and methods that will help you get better sleep.

These methods and facts are something that could help improve your sleep.

Practicing a few proven methods may help you achieve restful sleep. One method that helps for falling asleep fast, according to Sleep Foundation (written by Austin Meadows, Sleep product tester) is meditation. Relaxation is key to falling asleep fast. Being relaxed prepares your body and mind to drift off to sleep. If you are having trouble relaxing try taking deep breaths. Start by inhaling slowly and deeply, then exhale slowly. Taking a warm shower or bath before bed can lower your core body temperature, which helps you fall asleep quicker by relaxing your body.

Another method that I found through “Harvard Health Publishing” would be exercise. Exercise may also help by releasing anxiety or any stress you tend to hold. If you are having trouble relaxing because of a noisy setting, try listening to music. Music induces relaxation and improves sleep quality. Earphones and AirPods will be useful in this situation.

Another important thing to mention is having a sleep schedule improves and helps with your sleep. An example of a sleep schedule would be:

8:30: Put the phone down, go shower

9:00: Get dressed in some comfortable clothes, brush your teeth/skincare

9:30: Go to bed (sleep)

The schedule does not need to be complex, it can be simple.

If you are still having trouble with sleep the problem might be your electronic device.

Try to take slow steps. Start by making a schedule first and then set a time to get off all electronic devices you own. This will help your mind get used to not falling asleep to an electronic device. Put your electronic device somewhere not near you. If you know you won’t be able to do that, don’t put it in the same room as you.

On that note, you should reserve your bed for sleep. What I mean is you should adjust your brain to know that your bed is just for sleep or naps. You can do that by not eating on your bed, not playing video games, etc.

Try to remove any distractions. For example, stop using any electronic devices for at least an hour before bed. Make sure to AVOID drinking any caffeine and energy drinks.

As has been demonstrated, these are most methods and facts that can help your get better sleep.