5, 4, 3, 2, 1 germs attack!

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This an example of the five second rule. People have five seconds to pick up food that has touched the ground in ordr to eat it.

This an example of the five second rule. People have five seconds to pick up food that has touched the ground in order to eat it.

Many kids follow the five second rule, but would it be a surprise that it’s actually true?

The five second rule is a rule that explains if you drop any type of food in the ground you have to pick it up in less than five seconds in order to eat it. If you pick it up in more than five seconds you can’t eat it because it has been contaminated with bacteria and it’s no longer edible.

In Aston University, according to a recent research, students found a truth that says the faster you pick up food, the less likely the food will be contaminated with bacteria.

Sixth grader George Martinez said, “I think it’s cool because we drop food and it still has the same taste, if it were not true I would be shocked because it still has the same taste.”

Science teacher Vanessa D’Amico said, “My opinion is where the food has fallen if u know its a clean surface it won’t affect you. If it’s dirty, I wouldn’t eat it.”

Sixth grader Angelica Plasencia said, “I actually think it’s nasty because the food falls on the floor and there can be germs for examples people spitting.”

Science teacher Adam Davis said, “I think the five second rule doesn’t make sense, so I would eat food of the floor.”

Seventh grader Kevin Salgero said, “I think it’s a real rule that doesn’t make u feel bad because it’s only five second that was in the floor.”

Seventh grader Maria Cruz said, “I think it’s nasty for people to be eating from the ground.”

Parent Maggie Salazar said, “I think its a shame, I don’t think it should exist, once it hits the floor it is trash it is disgusting to think that it’s sanitary to eat something that has fallen on the floor. I personally can not put anything in my mouth that is potentially dangerous to my health.”

There are many people that have different reactions towards the five second rule. Some people think its nothing and some people think it’s a big deal. Would you follow the five second rule? Vote on the poll.

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