Should Students Have Enrichment Classes?

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Students at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School (AJCMS) have given us thoughts on whether or not we should have enrichment classes like art, music, creativity, cooking, and etc…

 Some students thought enrichment classes had great benefits and would motivate students to try new things and discover unknown talents that they might have. Also, other students believed that enrichment classes are necessary to show how creative they can be and how they could express themselves through many different kinds of activities.

 Eighth grader, Marisol Uriostegui said, “ I believe that we should have enrichment classes because many students need to express themselves in ways that words can’t and if I were able to choose any class, I would pick music class because I really want to learn how to play different instruments.”

 Seventh grader, Oscar Toledo said, “ I think enrichment classes would excite students a little more. I would choose to be in a cooking class because I get to try my food and later on I would put those skills into action by cooking really good food for my family.”

 Sixth grader, Valentine Rios said, “ I would be thrilled if we had enrichment classes because many kids have many great talents such as being good at art and if we had classes like that other kids can express their talents. Personally I would choose art because I would like to paint or draw something for my parents.”

 Overall, many students think this would benefit them to have enrichment classes.

 This is a piece of Art work that  shows a person's interpretation through Art.

This is a piece of art work that shows a person’s interpretation through art.

This is another person's piece of art work where they are expressing themselves.

This is another person’s piece of art work where they are expressing themselves.