Natali Cabrera: Youngest Elected LA Representative

Natalie Cabrera

Kevin Rios

Natalie Cabrera

Eighth grade, Natalie Cabrera, noted that she feels proud of her self for being the youngest representative.

Many wonder why she got involved with the community and why she was interested in becoming a representative. Natalie said,  “I grew up one street away from the park and I use to always attend events.” She was also always very interested in this topic. She enjoyed helping and that was her motive to become a representative. Something that Natalie is trying to help our community and make it a better place. She is willing to make the effort to go to the meetings she has to attend to and be more productive, she is currently working on a project.

Natalie’s parents mention that they feel very accomplished of her, they said that she is small and already has something as her personal statement. They are very proud of her and said that she has so many incredible things to share. Her parents think that she followed the footsteps of her older sister because her sister has always been an example to her.

Natalie became a representative in the summer of 2014 and to accomplish that she had to do a lot of outreach and make many posters she also got to meet a lot of new people around her community. On her last meeting they were talking about different methods to get community members to attend more meetings.

Natalie is working on projects for teenagers and kids to watch and movie and eat food while enjoying the movie and the other representatives are doing their own projects like resource fairs and other things. She is currently trying to change the way adult’s perspective is on teens and it is taking time because the teens of today are hard to make them understand more.

History teacher, Gabriela Dampier said, “She is someone who wants to change classes and make them an advantage for everyone.” “She is really intelligent and her strong passion is going to take her far,” said Dampier.

Natalie is the youngest representative in Los Angeles trying to make a difference in her community.