Eighth grade Field Trip


Teresa Argueta

Students getting ready to watch the play

On February 19,2015  8th grade students took a field trip to La Mirada Theater . The trip was based on going to see the play of  “The Outsiders”, a book that the 8th grade students read in their 1st semester. While students were getting ready to go to the play some thought about the experience that they were going to have, in watching a play of the book that they once read.

One of the students who went to this field trip was Anna Barrera. “I expect to see lots of emotion and dedication”.She explains how she wants her first impression of the Outsiders play to be spectacular.Anna was most excited for the scene where Johnny Cade (Duncan J. Anderson), one of the greaser killed Bob one of the Socs (Timothy Collins).She also thought that the play was very beautiful.

Matthew Pear, one of the teachers who is on the 8th grade team, he also was one of the teachers who joined 8th graders to the field trip .Pear expects for the play to remind him of memories that were dedicated to the book.“ I read the “Outsiders”when I was 13yrs old so I expect for the play to remind me of the book” Pear said. Pear also saw how  throughout the play students were getting excited. “The beginning of the 5-10 min it seemed boring to students, but at the end students got into the play” said Pear.

Ramon Gonzalez another of the 8th grade student who attended the play was more anxious to see parts that had more sensibility to people and also to see some good actors for him to enjoy. “The part that I’m most anxious about is when Johnny dies because nobody expected to hear that Johnny died when reading the book,”Ramon said.At the end of the play Ramon explained how it was more detalied than what he had thought the Outsiders play was going to be.”It was very detailed,it had alot of good actors for example the person who acted Two-Bit (Quinn Nagle)Ramon said .He also said “My favorite part was when the greasers and the soc had the rumble”.