Transiton from Eighth Graders to Freshman in High School

Drawing of a freshman student

Drawing of a freshman student

Drawing of a freshman student

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Many middle school students are nervous, scared, or even excited to enter high school. Most are scared of being freshman and being picked on. These are some opinions of some 8th graders about to enter high school.

Leslie Ramirez, an eighth grade student, is going to Roosevelt Magnet High School. “I feel nervous because I feel like people are going to pick on me,” she said. She also feels scared because she has a fresh start and has to make new friends.

Karen Ganoa’s future high school will be Animo Ralph Bunche. Karen is awfully scared because the classes and work will be strenuous [difficult]. She said that eventually this will create stress.

Another eighth grade student at AJCMS named Ruth Garcia, is going to be attending Jefferson High School, in which this case, is a public school. She doesn’t really stress much about school but she does get stressed out when she gets pressured with school work.

According to Adlit, a website about adolescent literacy, the increased number of students on a large campus can create fear and trepidation [fear about something that may happen]. There is also a strong sense of anxiety on most new students going into a new position. In this case, it’s transitioning an eighth grader to a freshman in high school. Adlit states, “This is resulting in new found of anonymity {condition of wanting to stay anonymous}.” Adlit also states, “ It is important to note that worries and fears can differ by gender with girls’ concerns focused on academic adjustments, while boys’ concerns are more social or safety oriented.

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Transiton from Eighth Graders to Freshman in High School