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8th Grade Preparations

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At Animo Jefferson Middle School, the eighth graders have a busy agenda coming towards them.

Their dance is going to be on May 30, and on June 2 (which is going to be their last day) is the day of the eighth grader’s promotion. In both of these events they have to be wearing appropriate clothing.

Teresa Argueta is a teacher at AJCMS that is in charge of any eighth grade activity. “Students are expected to wear nice clothing that are in appropriate length and style,” Argueta said. “There supposed to look as if they’re going some place fancy,”Argueta said.  Some things that are incorrect for ladies to wear in strapless, lesser than 2 inch straps or shorter than tip length, and for both guys and girls , there aren’t allowed to wear t-shirts or jeans.

 A type of dresses that girls are expected to wear with a cardigan.
A type of dresses that girls are expected to wear with a cardigan.


Iris Valero an eighth grader said that she is not really stressed out because she started good in the beginning. She’s really excited that the year is almost over but she still needs to do a lot of planning for her things she need to wear. “I’m going to try and meet the appropriate dress code for both the dance and the promotion,” Iris said. “Wearing appropriate clothing like no strapless dresses, no less than 2 inch strap dresses , and no short length dresses. And if they do where a strapless dress and a less than 2 inch strap dress there are expected to wear a cardigan on top,”Argueta said.

T-Shits aren't allowed for dance and promotion.
T-Shits aren’t allowed for dance and promotion.

Isaac Mayoral an eighth grader said, that he is not that stressed for the eighth grade preparations. Isaac has all his clothes needed for the dance and the promotion. “I really am not going to wear converse this time  because I already have all my clothing and my dressing shoes,” Isaac said. Boys aren’t allowed to wear any sort of tennis shoes, there are allowed to wear dressing shoes.

If you are not dressed appropriately then you will be sent home, so dress appropriately.

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8th Grade Preparations