Charlie Charlie Challenge a passing Fad or Real

Anthony Ayala and Guadalupe Contreras

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charlie.challenge.picOn May 26, 2015 AJCMS explodes with the a new trend that lasted for an entire week of the Charlie Challenge which is catching the attention of many students.


The Charlie Charlie challenge is a game that requires a piece of paper with yes and no on opposite corners with two pencils balancing on each others forming a cross. The player must ask the question “Charlie Charlie, are you here?” if the pencil moves and points to yes students will think that the demon is playing with them opening a portal, but whether this true or not is on your superstition believes.


Kevin Carranza, a seventh grader said he has played the charlie challenge however he said it is not real. Kevin states “ I think it is fake because it is based on how the pencil is placed” Kevin said. Carranza explains how there is no demon playing with you he states, “I don’t think there’s an actual demon it is just physics and the way the pencil is balanced” Kevin said. Kevin explains how the first thing that comes to his mind when the pencil moves is that someone moved it or just that it is based on how the pencil is put.


Jimmy Diaz, another seventh grader said that he hasn’t played the challenge because he is scared that he can get possessed. Jimmy said that this challenge is real  he states, “In my opinion it is real because  you can get curse when playing it  and you wouldn’t be the same for ever” Jimmy said. Diaz explains how the first thing that comes to his mind when the pencil moves is if the demon is good or bad. Jimmy also explains how there can be a demon playing along with you Jimmy states, “I think there is an actual demon because if there wasn’t a demon the pencil wouldn’t be moving” Jimmy said.


Well the surprising fact that the students stopped doing the Charlie Charlie challenge after a week. The trend ended quickly compared to other trends that lasted for months. Principal Sue Jean Hong said,” It was very used the first two days but now our students have realized that’s it’s fake and it’s our responsibility to take care of the kids and they stopped it on their own before the school had to interfere.” Well maybe Charlie was just a passing fad or just maybe the students didn’t mess with the demon..

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Charlie Charlie Challenge a passing Fad or Real