Do Students Like The Uniforms?


Diego Sanchez

Animo Jefferson Dress Code

Diego Sanchez, staff writer


Some students at AJCMS feel that the uniforms are unsatisfactory. The school will only allow the students  to wear uniform and free dress once a week. Sometimes the school will allow us to wear something navy blue.

Eighth grader Kimberly Camacho, said, “I highly dislike the uniforms at school because they don’t let me express myself in clothing.” Since the uniforms are only three colors we can not express ourselves through our clothing. She continues with, “The uniforms are not comfortable because we are expected to have our shirts tucked in so at times it is hard to move and the clothing is thin.” Most students do not enjoy the uniforms because of the restrictions.

Alejandro Sanchez, former eighth grade AJCMS student, said, “My new school is lenient with the school dress code. I could wear mostly any clothes I choose to wear.” He also said, “I don’t think the uniforms are necessary.” The uniforms are also meant to create a sense of safety and order, but Alejandro said it doesn’t make him feel safe. He even says that other kids get bullied by their choice of clothing.

Elizabeth Hernandez, parent of an AJCMS student said she doesn’t like the uniforms because “students aren’t the ones that pay for them, it’s the parents.” The uniforms don’t only bother the students that wear them but they also make parents use their hard earned money on them.