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    Grade Level Competition              

          The sixth graders are taking the lead in the Grade Level Competition beating the eighth graders by 4 points and the seventh graders by 66 points. The reason why the sixth graders are winning is because they’ve been actively participating in all the events such as Spirit Week, the IM Games, Merit Card event, and Tardy TakeDown.  

          Bryan Salas, sixth grader at Animo Jefferson (AJCMS), said, “ Personally, I kinda care about the grade level competition, I mean who wouldn’t want a field trip! I think we’re going to win the competition because many of us are taking part in Sports, Color, SuperHero, Disney, and Stripes Day. I didn’t like the event though mostly because some people don’t have the clothes like me. They should make an event where everyone could participate equally.”

          There’s been an event where students are supposed to fill up their Merit Cards then turn them into the main office contributing to the points. They’ve filled up many of their merit cards consistently due their teachers are issuing them out as a reward for being a “responsible citizen,” in academics, behavior, good responses, on task, attending guided study, and taking responsibility by helping other colleagues.

          Kimberly Camacho, eighth grader, says, “I care about the grade level competition but I’m not exactly doing anything to help my grade level out I think that the sixth graders have a high chance of winning because they’re always more involved in school activity. I’ll try getting merits for my grade level but I don’t think there’s much I can do.”

          Seventh-grader Jesus Cruz Cruz states, “I don’t care about the grade level competition, I feel like it’s a waste of time when we can worry about filed trips or money for the school. I think the sixth graders will win since they’re in the lead and although this was an ‘ok’ attempt at raising school spirit, more could’ve been done.”