SBAC Stress

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SBAC Stress

kailly Hernandez, Lesly Tzintzun

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Some students at AJCMS are nervous for taking the SBAC test because they think they are going to do horrible. It is a very important test which shows what level you might be in. Students say they get stressed because they get a lot of pressure from teachers.


Emily Samano and Mary Lopez, eighth graders, said they get stressed because they have to do a lot of reviewing and practicing when there is a test coming up. Yessica Orihuela, seventh grader, said she gets stressed when she gets a lot of homework that is test related.


Emily said she tries not to get stressed when big tests are coming up but she can’t because she gets a lot of pressure from teachers and sometimes friends. Teachers always tell her that she has to try her best and never give up and if she is having a problem with a question to guess but only when it is necessary. She tries to get relief by taking naps and sleeping early. Early for her is 7:30 pm. When she gets nervous she gets really bad headaches.


Mary said she doesn’t really get stressed but she does when it is a big test like the SBAC. When she gets nervous she said she feels butterflies in her stomach. Many people feel sometimes sick when they get stressed or feel like throwing up. She also, said it is more rough for eighth graders because it is the end of the year and they are going to high school.


Yessica said she gets stressed because she has to do a lot of many homework that has to do with the test and it has to be on time because than she gets in trouble because she is in Student Council. She tries to get over stress by doing all her work and when she is done she watches tv or plays video games.


An article posted on the NYSUT (New York State United Teachers) website, “ Test Stress and Academic Anxiety” by Liza Frenette states, “ Last year’s testing season was marked by widespread reports by teachers and parents of students getting physically sick and emotionally distraught over the standardized tests.” Thus showing that testing can eventually cause stress.


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