Good-bye 8th graders

Jade Ramirez, section editor

It has come to the point were the 8th graders need to leave, and start high school. It’s exciting and still has a weird feeling that the last three years of middle school went by too fast. Its a proud time for parents as well as the students. Everyone is growing up and it seems like just yesterday we were graduating from elementary school. Mostly everyone has been working hard for this moment. Different emotions are going through students mind. And they all have different perspectives about what feelings they might get when they graduate. The 8th graders haven’t graduated yet so of course they might change there opinions when they walk the stage.

All the students have different opinions about them leaving and starting a new journey. Everyday is a step closer to being an adult and independence. Jacqueline Montanez, an 8th grader, said, “I feel scared because I’m going to high school and its not going to be the same as middle school….I’m also going to miss my friends and teachers because I don’t know if I’m going to see them again.” Of course sadness is going to be one of the student’s emotions during this time of year. Like the thought of losing people who you got to know and became friends with.

 But in another student’s perspective, you shouldn’t be sad at all during this end of the year.  Samantha Gonzalez, an 8th grader also leaving, said, “I feel happy because I don’t need to deal with homework and presentations for a few months.” For her leaving middle school is a sort of relief from classwork. But for now we can’t relax these last weeks. “I have to try to raise my grades as much as possible or past my test.” In order to graduate, or participate in any 8th grade trips, we can’t have any F’s. Everyone is trying and working hard to raise their grades.


Samantha Gonzalez

Another student named Valerie Chavez had mixed feelings about this situation.  She stated, “I feel scared, but at the same time happy because I’m not ready to go to high school.”

Nobody is fully ready to go to high school and leave middle school. Everyone have special memories to remember and share, we might lose some friends but we will gain new ones. Everyone mostly says they wont cry or be sad during the culmination but we all know that once we walk the stage we will be very emotional. We are moving to a new journey and it might not be easy but it will be worth it. Everything might is going to come together; maybe not immediately, but eventually.

Jacqueline Montanez