Class of 2018


Mariana Rojas

Eighth graders working

Mariana Rojas, Section Editor

Eighth graders are preparing to their leave Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, and are making sure they are set for culmination. Many are scared, and others are just anxious to leave. I talked to eighth graders and  teachers about how they felt on leaving the school behind, and these were their answers.

Kevin Bermudez, an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson Middle School, says he feels nervous to leave middle school because he is moving schools, and its all new to him.  When asked what he will miss most he answered:, “My friends.” He said that his favorite thing about eighth grade was fifth period, and sixth, that they were the most fun. Kevin said that he had a lot of friends, and he doesn’t want to start over because of all the fun memories that were made throughout these years.

Thomas Lo, a teacher at Animo Jefferson, when asked,”How do you feel about the eighth graders leaving?”, answered, “Well every year it’s bittersweet, I think that the bitter part is that I know I won’t see most students after. The sweet part is seeing them go on to better things in life.” I asked Mr. Lo what he had to say towards the eighth graders, and if he had any advice for them. He said, “In a few weeks you’re going to be taking the next step into your life, into something that’s going to challenge you.” “Work hard, stay focused, and reach for your goals. I look forward to hearing where you’re all at in four years.”

I asked Carl Finer, also a teacher at Animo Jefferson, what he would miss most about the eighth graders from this year.  He answered, “I don’t know as many eighth graders …but I have seen a lot of growth from students who were shy and too scared to go out and do interviews.” In addition to this, Finer also said, “I feel like only now I’m starting to be able to work with some of these students” and that he wishes he had more time to work with them. ” I lastly asked Finer what he had to say to the eighth graders leaving. He said, “Come back, and show me what you’re working on next year.”

I myself feel excited to leave middle school. I made friends, and although I will miss them I believe that I am ready for something new. I want to start over, and since school is where I spend most of my time, I believe that this could be more exciting. My favorite school year was sixth grade because I made a lot of memories in my sixth period drama class, and that is also where I had made most of my friends. Sixth grade felt so long, and I made a lot of memories. In addition to this I want to say thank you to all the teachers that helped me through the year.