What is it like to be both a teacher and parent?

Edwin Carvente, staff writer

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How does it feel to be a teacher and parent?


Have you ever wondered of what it would be like to have kids of your own and, also work with kids all day as a teacher. Being a teacher and teaching a bunch kids what they need to know might sound tiring and extremely bothersome. Yet it isn’t for many –  it’s a thrilling experience to have a kid and teaching others.


One of these teachers is Christian Chiappe from Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, who has a young little boy and is proud to see him every day after work. Chiappe said it’s,¨tiring, tired from not sleeping but happy and more fulfilled than ever before.¨ Even after working with other older kids, he still is grateful and happy to come home and see his son. Chiappe also said,¨ Even on days when I feel tired I’m ready to play and spend the hours with him.¨



Another parent-teacher from AJCMS is Teresa Argueta. She has her baby boy to take  care of everyday and enjoys every minute with him. Argueta says that she can’t be tired as she needs to take care of her son. Argueta said,” I love watching him grow and learn and also play with.” She also said,” I enjoy going to the zoo, aquarium, and taking him to the park.’’ This goes to show that Argueta is willing to spend any time she has with her son to enjoy the best of the moment.


This goes to show that even with kids, teachers are still kind and caring even if you think they’re constantly picking on you. They want to be the best parent possible for their kid. The job of a parent can be sometimes exhausting but still a great experience for any parent out there.

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