How students prepare for their final exams


Samuel Dominguez studying

Jessica Lopez and Jasmin Arreola

In a few weeks, all students at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School are going to take finals to determine their final grades for all their classes. For every single grade level the purpose is different, which determines students placements for the next school year.


A student at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, eighth grader Rubi Pascual, explains how she is getting ready to begin her final exams for all six classes.


Rubi said, “I’ll just try my best I guess. I will study upstairs at ARB (Animo Ralph Bunche). Also, my best friend will help me study and my teachers as well.”


Rubi knows how finals may be a bit complicated not only for her, but to all the students as well. She will still try her best to pass her classes.


Rubi said, “I’ll do well even though they’re hard, they might be harder than other tests that I’m usually used to.”


Seventh grader Brayan Reyes expresses how he’s going to do on his doing finals.


Brayan Reyes


Brayan said, “I’m quite nervous for finals for all my classes, I think I’ll do well because I’m confident. I’m confident enough to pass all my classes. ”


Brayan starts preparing about two weeks earlier to get a better grade and he’s planning how he’s going to be successful to get a high score on his tests.


Reyes said, “I’ll study in advance and ask for help if I’m confused also my teachers, self esteem, and self confidence will help me be successful with my finals.”


Another student, eighth grader Samuel Dominguez, is one of the preoccupied students that is stress and worried finals will affect his grade because he’s almost failing one class.


Samuel said, “I’m stressed, it’s too much work you have to do because you have other classes to also worry about. For this reason in investigations class with Mr.Finer I’m not doing well because I have a C.”


Samuel is not a usually a nervous type of person, but this year he’s becoming a bit more concerned about dealing with his grades.


Samuel said, “I can’t raise my grades anymore or do anything about it because there’s no more guided study.”


Rubi maintains a positive mindset because she knows the upcoming school year will have more challenging classes.


Rubi said, “I will try my best on the finals, so my grades can go up.”