¨Never give up even though you are going though some hard times.¨

Celia Diaz is a teacher where at her school they donated laptops to.

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Celia Diaz is a teacher where at her school they donated laptops to.

When Celia Diaz was young she had to choose to leave her grandmother. She had to leave her grandmother.

She had to cross the border. She had to face some real tough time in learning, had to work harder than others. Many people looked down on her and thought that she wasn’t going to make it in college. 

At last she was the one to finish her career. Now she works as a teacher at Ascot Avenue Elementary School.



Aylin Gutierrez: So my name is Aylin Gutierrez De La Luz. I am 13 years old. Umm I am interviewing Ms. Diaz who is my teacher. Umm Today is 9/11/2019 umm.. Who was someone influential in your life?


Celia Diaz: My grandmother was very influential. She umm raised me from the time I was born to about umm seven years old. She taught me that it’s important to always try your best and always umm work at what you want and-and you can succeed in anything that you put your mind to it.


AG: What are some-What are some lessons that like, impacted you in life–


CD: That I learned from my parents-


AG: Yeah. That you learned from you parents–


CD: So my dad always told me that it was important to work hard in school and that umm I would work hard now and physically I wouldn’t have to work hard later if I worked hard now with my brain and so umm I was very powerful because I understood that lesson at that time.


AG: Umm why did you agree to-like-to this interview?


CD: I think that I can make a difference in umm students life and they can understand that umm hopefully they can get that lesson that if they work hard now that later on they won’t have to work hard and they don’t have to work physically they can work with their mind and-and they would enjoy life later on.


AG: What were some achievements that you made in life that like impacted you a lot  and like you were like proud of it?


CD: So I umm I think that one of my achievements umm was in high school and I graduated with high honors and then in-in college I graduated with high honors as well and umm it just showed me that even though that I umm I didn’t have education and I didn’t know how to speak English at the beginning that if you work hard everything is possible and I succeed and I-I umm graduated high than most of the students that were there that had been there all their life. 


AG: So when you were like umm -…..-  so when you came like into when you faced a hardship how did you like  overcome it? 


CD: So umm some of the hardships that I faced mm umm the first one that remember was leaving my grandmother I didn’t wanted leave her and I didn’t wanted to be here with my parents and-and that was really hard for me but I-I think I just accumulated to my parents that I umm just gave them a chance and I accumulated to my brothers and sisters and umm and just did the best with what I had at that time.


 AG: Umm what else so right now have you like umm have like looked back to the things that you faced like….


 CD: Have I looked back at the challenges that I faced in the past.


AG:  Yeah.


CD: Ahh I think I-I do look back at them when i reflect and i think about and how to make sure that I don’t make mis-the same mistakes that made in the past and that I keep on growing and that I go back to the mistakes in the past.


AG: Mm okay that’s the end of this interview that you Ms.Diaz thank you.


CD: Thank you.