“Instead of the teachers going somewhat easy on us, they just give us more assignments. We have more than one class ya know teachers!”


Katherine Rodriguez

I took this photo of her before I left Clinton Middle School, my old middle school in sixth grade. It’s one of the last pictures I have of her at the moment.

From an early age, Ashley Alfado, who was (and still is sometimes) shy and bold, had a great childhood. Not that she could remember much of it, but those memories that she could remember like the songs of the early birds, fresh in the everyday morning sunrise, she held onto those memories. When she finally culminated from the fifth grade, everything stayed the same much to her surprise. Many years later, she made new friends, some younger than her (*cough cough* me and a few others) and some just the same age as her, although she still looks like an eighth grader.

With Covid-19 cases rising, she grew worried for her family and herself. Her grandparents were at great risk, much like her parents and her brother. When she got the news of some of her family members catching it, and losing two of her beloved ones, she went through some tough times. She didn’t let that get the best of her. She kept herself busy and is now looking forward to graduating high school … even though she is in her junior year of high school, she obviously has things to do such as prepare for college entrance exams.




Katherine Rodriguez: Good evening, this is Katherine Rodriguez, and I am here, virtually, with my very good friend, Ashley Alfado. Today I will be asking her a few questions, just a few. I don’t want to take too much time out of her busy schedule. Now to begin, how was life treating you during your childhood?
Ashley Alfado: It was alright, I can’t remember much from the first five years though.
KR: That’s alright. Second question, how was your relationship with your parents?
AA: Good honestly.
KR: Oh great, do you have any favorable memories with them?
AA: Yes a lot.
KR: Is it alright if you share one of them with me? Or do you want me to move onto another question?
AA: To another question.
KR: OK! How has school been?
AA: Well you know, trying to survive. I’m pretty sure I’m already failing science class. Instead of the teachers going somewhat easy on us, they just give us more assignments. We have more than one class ya know teachers!
KR: [Laughs] Anything else you might want to add before we move on?
AA: Of course I want to add more! We gotta make this juicy ya know? Anyways, the teachers always say that they won’t put us that much work since they know what kinds of things you pass through, but they just give us more and more work. Like, does it really look like I am going to spend all day doing just your work? No! I got other classes bro.
KR: Oh yeah, then adults say they don’t want us to spend a lot of time on the computers because it will mess up our eyesight.
AA: Like yeah, with the millions of assignments that you give us due the next day isn’t helping at all.
KR: Exactly.
AA: Yeah, it’s frustrating sometimes but that’s fine…
KR: Yes it is… Anyways, next question. How has quarantine and this whole COVID-19 situation affected you and your lifestyle?
AA: …[silence for a few seconds]…
KR: Hmm, you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to.
AA: Eh no I can answer it, I lost two of my family members and it didn’t happen to me or my grandparents, which was good but I had to be in a different room than my brother and parents…
KR: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you and your family get better. We can end it here since you do have a busy schedule as you’ve said earlier today. Thank you so much, I hope the best for you and your family.
AA: Mhm! Thank you.
KR: You’re welcome, I owe you a big one! And if you want to vent about anything, I’m right here if you want. Call me or text me, whichever you want.
AA: Mhm, thank you Kathy.
KR: Yes of course, you’re welcome, thank you, have a nice day.
KR and AA: 1 2 3,,BYEEEEE [both laugh]