“I did not have much because my parents were really poor and not did not have enough to give a lot but we were really happy on what we had.”


My Mom (Alma Arreola)

My dad at a birthday party.

My dad in his childhood barely had anything and he still worked with what he had. My dad only went up to middle school and then he left school because they could not afford it. They had to work for what they had they had to work to have food on their plate. They had to work for everything: five hours of work was just for food.

He had pets though: one dog, one cat, and a horse. His favorite dog was called Chocolate and followed him everywhere and always checked if there was danger up above. He also loved his other pets. It was hard for my dad to get to school because they had no type of transportation so he was always late. He had pretty bad grades. He thinks it’s because of the lack of transportation.



 Jonathan Santiago: Hi dad how are you?
 Ubaldo Santiago: Good and you?
JS: Good.
US: Good okay.
JS: What is your name?
US: Ubaldo Santiago. 
JS: Where were you born?
US: Oaxaca, México. 
JS: How was your childhood good or bad?
US: Really good because always had fun with my brothers we ran laughed, cried always together.
JS: What are your favorite memories of your childhood?
US: Going to the river with my brothers when I played with my brothers and when I got out of elementary school.
JS: What did you have in your childhood?
US: I did not have much because my parents were really poor and not did not have enough to give a lot but we were really happy on what we had.
JS: How many problems did you face?
US: I had a lot of problems to begin my parents could not give me what I needed when I went to school I had to go walking because we did not have the money to buy transportation no money to eat no money for clothes and shoes or anything we wanted was if we worked for five days it was only to eat.
JS: Did you have any pets in your childhood?
US: I had three pets. I had a dog named Chocolate that we loved a lot. He always followed me wherever I went hiking. He was ahead. He was my favorite pet. I also had a horse that I also loved a lot and a cat.
JS: Did you visit anything?
US: I visited the state of Mexico. There we went as a tourist to visit a museum and in Mexico I went with friends and then from there back home.
JS: Did you go to school?
US: Yes I went to school went to middle and elementary school but after we could not afford to finish school.
JS: What subjects did you study?
US: Mainly only Spanish.
JS: What were your favorites?
US: Math.
JS: What were your grades?
US: I got good grades but they got worse because my parents made me work even more and that is when my grades lowered and I was always late and that is why I think my grades lowered.
JS: Did you like going to school?
US: I have always loved going to school but what I didn’t like is they never gave us the materials and my parents always failed to give me the proper materials.
JS: Okay that is everything thank you for your time.