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The Bulldog Bugle is a student publication generated and produced by students of Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, under the guidance and direction of student editors and an adviser. It is produced by students in the “investigations” class. The website is designed to serve both students and the local community; students who are on the Bulldog Bugle staff learn how to do independent research, report, interview, write journalistically, take photos, edit stories, and design webpage layouts.

The Bulldog Bugle and its students are protected by California Education Code 48907 and by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Students determine content in the Bulldog Bugle; the adviser’s role is to maintain professional standards of English and journalism. Content cannot be restrained unless it is libelous, obscene or puts at risk the educational mission of the school.

1. Student editors make all editorial decisions for the Bulldog Bugle; such decisions must not violate the tenets of “English and journalism” that must be upheld by the adviser as described in Education Code 48907. The adviser maintains such standards, but does so in a collegial, educationally appropriate way.

2. Editors are charged with insuring the Bulldog Bugle is a responsible media player, pursuing important stories while following appropriate journalistic guidelines and traditions.

3. Unsigned editorials – Unsigned editorials are written by an opinion editor. The topics should be related to Bulldog Bugle news coverage, and the point of view in the unsigned editorial must be the majority view of the editorial board. The editorial board consists of the editor(s)-in-chief, any managing editors, and the opinion editor(s).

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