Watermelons are healthy and delicious


Watermelons are a fruit that tastes so good. In fact they are 96% made of water, which keeps you hydrated. Watermelons came from Africa. They were domesticated from there. Did you know that watermelons are a plant species in the family Cucurbits, a vine-like flowering plant originally domesticated in Africa? They are green and white outside and on the inside they are red. Because the skin contains a lot of chlorophyll, the skin becomes green during photosynthesis.

My opinion of the watermelons is that they are so delicious. I like the color of the fruit because it has mostly my favorite colors. I have seen a square and a triangle watermelon before but it was small. Compared to other fruit, this one is the fruit made of the most water. So I recommend this fruit to you guys.

You can make watermelon juice, slushies, and ice cream. Did you know that watermelon is a fruit? The best time to plant a watermelon seed is when it is spring. Watermelon tastes so good when you combine it with lemon, salt, and chamoy. If you do not know what chamoy is, it is a chile liquid. If you eat a bad watermelon, then in hours you will start getting a headache, start vomiting, and get diarrhea. Did you know that watermelons help you haveĀ  better heart health? Also watermelons contain nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. It has vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B1, B5, and B6.