Challenges I faced in 2020

2021 JMS Animo Voices finalist

Challenges I faced in 2020

2020 was a rough year for everybody. We lost Kobe Bryant, Diego Maradona, and Chadwick Boseman. We saw racial injustice and violence. George Floyd was unfairly choked to death, the peaceful Black Lives Matters movement turned violent and turned into riots, Mexicans like Andres Guardado were unfairly shot by a police officer, and even street vendors who were just selling food to pay their bills were attacked. We also faced a global pandemic, the Coronavirus.


Everyone struggled. 


My mom was strong enough to beat Covid. This did not happen for everyone. Some passed away and some are still dealing with it at home or in the hospital. Many people had to deal with losing their loved ones. Thankfully, my mom is okay. 


Many lost their jobs. Thankfully, my parents really didn’t have problems with losing their jobs but other people had problems financially or had to spend all day looking for a new job. They had to find new ways to make money like selling their old stuff or working two jobs so they can have a place to live in or to even be able to eat. 


Everyone went through something in 2020. I am grateful that my family did not experience anything worse. But during this pandemic, I struggled. 


The news scared us. They kept reporting deaths related to COVID-19. We did not want to get sick so I could not see any of my friends and cousins. I couldn’t play soccer. It has really affected me because I can’t run, jog, walk, or even go to practice without fear of catching Covid-19. Also, if I do go for a walk or a run I have to wear a mask and it makes it difficult to breathe at times. I miss being outside. 


The main thing I struggled with was online learning. School is the most important thing in my life right now because it will help me get a good job in the future when I grow up but distance learning is really hard. I do not know how to use a computer well so it makes it extra difficult to do the work and understand anything. It gets frustrating and it makes it really hard to want to learn. 


I am scared and frustrated but my parents give me hope. They always tell me that we are going to be fine and we are not going to get sick. They make me feel better and ease my fears because we pray together to not get sick. They also take care of me and my brothers by making sure we wear a mask at all times when we go outside. Also, my brothers  give me hope because they help me with my school work. Even though online learning is hard, they help me and give me ideas so I can understand better. 


These are all the struggles that I have gone through during the pandemic. At the end of the day, we all struggled in 2020. We should all help one another to end Covid so people can stop struggling. We are all going to make it! I know it. So when you go outside remember to not touch your face, wear gloves, and always wear a mask. Please take care of yourself. We are going to make it!!