Facing Truth, Finding Hope: A deeper interpretation of what we are facing during 2020

2021 JMS Animo Voices finalist


Looking back at life before the deadly virus, I went to an after school program, where I used to talk and laugh with my friends.

One day, I was at a park spending time with my family. My mother and father, sisters & a brother.

Come to think of it, as days went by the streets became vacant. Less people would go outside. My teachers, cousins, & neighbors now stay inside.

Keeping everyone on high alert with a virus so dangerous and deadly, though cases continue to rise.

Don’t get scared. We are trying to work things through. Teachers are trying to educate you as best as they can through a screen.

Otherwise, try to think about your hopes for the future.

When we are pushed apart, we pull together like a tug of war. We use our forces to bear (tear?)  the other team down so we can win. 

Not just one but the whole world hopes that we can go back to normal; To restaurants, parks, and theme parks, such as DisneyLand, Universal Studios, & more without fear.