The Price We Pay

2021 JMS Animo Voices Runner-Up

The brown haired girl wakes up again, wishing to see her friends,

But instead she only wakes up just to be glued to her desk for the next 4 hours.

She remembers how the cities were alive, when everything was open, and you saw a smile on peoples faces but that came to an end.

The brown haired girl keeps saying that she wants this to be over, but she forgets that she doesn’t have any power.

During school, she sadly thinks to herself “Who would have thought that this was going to happen?” and that leads to other thoughts.

Thoughts about her life before Covid, and all the fun she had exploring the outdoors.

The brown haired girl starts to cry, she misses everyone, a lot.

She tries to think positive thoughts, such as she might see more people again, in her city being happy again, but she struggles

The browned haired looks outside at the grey gloomy sky, almost as if it is as depressed as she is. 

Does it feel her same pain as well?

She hopes one day, she can finally go out, explore the whole world, but that is on hold.

As of right now, her heart is in deep sorrow

She will have to repeat this same process tomorrow