Great desserts to make at home!

Yummy dessert recipes

Great desserts to make at home!

Ever need something to make at home when you’re bored? Well, here are three fun and easy dessert recipes to make during spring break. These amazing recipes will blow your mind away. There will be two non-bake recipes and one recipe that requires baking.

Let us start with an oven bake recipe for a thick and chewy cookie recipe. I got this recipe from The Kitchen Magpie that has been featured in a video with David Venable. The author Karlynn Johnson has many recipes and it even comes with many suggestions and recommendations to make the food better. She has released many cookbooks and that is where I found her website.  These are easy to make and they don’t have many steps. You can find the recipe here: The Kitchen Magpie: thick-n-chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The next recipe will be a non-bake recipe that only has three ingredients and it has easy-to-follow steps. This recipe is called peanut butter cups, also known as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This recipe came from Tasty. They are mostly known as a Youtube channel with many recipes. On their website, there were nob-bake desserts and the peanut butter cups seemed the easiest. In their website’s review, people have mentioned it was a good dessert but it was also easy. Tasty has been mentioned on many news sites for their good reviews. Here is the link for their easy to make peanut butter cups: Three-ingredient peanut butter cups 

Our last and final recipe is a cookie dough dip. Many people loved the idea of cookie dough being a dip to many snacks. This dessert was found on a food blogger’s website named The Cookie Rockie. This was known as the most popular dessert on the page. This recipe only takes five minutes and it got 4.9 stars. This is for people who love creamy and sweet desserts. Overall this recipe is tasty and easy at the same time. For the people interested, here is the link: Cookie Dough Dip recipe

These are delicious and easy to make desserts. Try it out during spring break you might enjoy these desserts. Hopefully, you enjoy these recipes because they look delicious and don’t take much time to make.