Mexico vs. America

This is an image of the United States and a flag of Mexico together. Since we are comparing then I decided to insert it.

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This is an image of the United States and a flag of Mexico together. Since we are comparing then I decided to insert it.

Have you ever wondered how many differences Mexico has from the US? Mexico has many different foods, drinks, music, celebrations, and cultures.The US also has many contrasts to Mexico that we can learn about and understand why they’re important.

In the article named “6 Differences Between Mexican and American Work Culture’’ by Nikki Stoumen, she states that she currently lives in Mexico City since she works at an organization called Asylum Access. During her time there, she has noticed more than one difference in the work culture from what she knew in the United States. Stoumen has noticed that no one complains about staying later at work and everyone is expected to work their hardest. Another difference she saw was that everyone greets each other with a hug and a kiss. In the US people usually would just greet each other with a handshake, but in Mexican culture you introduce yourself to everyone who enters the room with a light hug and kiss on the cheek.

In the US,  English is the most spoken language, although the US doesn’t actually have any official language. However, in Mexico Spanish is the most spoken language and Mexico also has the most Spanish speakers in the world (although the US ranks fifth, with about the same number of Spanish speakers as Spain).

“The Differences Between Mexican and American Culture’’ by The Acapulco Family also talks about Mexican and American food. For example, in the US there is no “traditional’’ food.  The food is usually a mix of  heritages and cultures. But Mexican food is known for their special spices and different types of flavors, specific to each region of the country. 

Americans will usually get their “Mexican food’’ from Chipotle or Taco Bell, but that isn’t the most authentic way to find and get good Mexican food around you. Many Mexicans make their own food at home and I guarantee you that it tastes amazing and that you could eat it for days! In addition, many foods that Americans eat, along with their vocabulary, originate from Mexico. An example is the word burrito because it means  “little donkey” in Spanish. A food that was also invented in Mexico was nachos.  One thing that might surprise many Americans is that the caesar salad was also invented in Mexico, at a hotel in Tijuana.  

Briefly, America and Mexico have totally different cultures and a different way of life. But they could be similar in some ways that you may never even think of. Americans and Mexicans have different work routines, food, drinks, music, celebrations, cultures, and different languages!